Bring Your Business With You the Next Time You Go Camping


According to statistics, over 4.7 million people in the U.S. do at least half of their job remotely. If you’re part of this group, of course, you want to take advantage of the flexibility and freedom that your job offers — and if you’re an avid outdoorsman, camping offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Business owners face some unique challenges, though, when bringing their business on the road. Follow these tips from Willowcreek Custom Knives to ensure that your company keeps running smoothly even while you’re on a camping trip.


Managing Business Responsibilities on the Road

The rules of effective business management don’t change when you’re away camping. Whether you’re in a tent or at a desk, you need to exhibit strong leadership skills by delegating tasks appropriately and managing daily operations efficiently. Communication is especially important as you’re leading your team from a distance.


In order to maintain the ability to communicate, you should choose a campsite that has the amenities you need. In most cases, this will include electrical outlets and WiFi access. You should be able to get online using the campsite’s wireless internet, but if not, you can usually traverse to a nearby coffee shop to get connected.


You should also be sure to keep all of your devices fully charged. Although most campsites have electrical outlets, you can bring a solar charging device to ensure you’re never left without power. This is important if you’re traveling to camp in a remote area where you may have spotty cell coverage.


Enjoying the Relaxation of Your Camping Trip

As a business owner, it’s hard to take a vacation, but you should still try to use your camping trip as an opportunity to relax and reset. It may be a good time to work on a business project that’s been on the backburner. Maybe you want to renovate your company’s website, for example, and add a unique infographic. You can hire a graphic design professional, or you can design your own infographic using a free online template and customize it with your own text and design.


Working on projects like this can ensure that business keeps progressing while you’re away. You should be sure to strike a balance between work and pleasure, though. Camping is a great way to connect with nature and decompress from the stresses of daily life — including running a business.


Don’t spend your entire trip in front of the computer. It’s a good idea to set specific work hours during each day and avoid working outside those hours unless it’s an emergency. Enjoy activities like cooking and grilling, bonfires, and fishing so that you can return to work fully rested and rejuvenated.


Balance Work With Fun on Your Camping Trip

Anybody who loves the outdoors knows how much fun it is to go camping. If you’re a business owner, you can’t just step away from your job for the weekend, though. You need to be available for important issues, and you need to maintain leadership of your team even when you’re not physically present. You can accomplish this by setting a schedule for yourself and shifting your focus to smaller work projects.


Enjoy the great outdoors while getting work done the next time you go camping. With the right amenities, you’ll have no problem finding a balance between work and fun.

Image via Pexels